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Funfare as UPPC Staff hold team building event


On Friday 1st December, 2023, all UPPC staff came together for an unforgettable team building event. Held at the Busiika based Extreme Adventure Park, the event was exclusively designed to promote team work, leadership skills and performance through participation in exciting activities and games. The one-day event kicked off with a mouth-watering breakfast before the staff met a team building professional who engaged them in friendly, competitive, problem-solving and collaborative games that allowed them to enjoy each other’s company outside the confines of the work environment.

The Managing Director UPPC, Prof. Sudi Nangoli said the event was also purposed to enhance co-operation and bonding among all staff. “As part of the core values of UPPC, we believe that an organisation functions better when we employ team dynamics. This event has therefore given an opportunity to staff to not only interact with the different managers in a tense-free environment but also participate in different activities that generate dialogue,” Prof. Nangoli said.