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Supporting Women Initiatives


UPPC supports women’s initiatives in Entebbe

In a bid to strengthen our community relations and boost our working relations with various stakeholders’ groups, UPPC on 28th April, 2023 joined the municipal council of Entebbe to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

Faridah Kibowa the Entebbe council chairperson for Women’s league was the chief guest at the event. The activity which gathered various participants from the political, cultural, religious and business sector was held at the workers’ grounds-Entebbe.

UPPC’s involvement in this activity was a fulfillment of two commitments at the heart of the corporation; to improve and strengthen our community stakeholder relations with various groups through our corporate social responsibility initiatives and to enhance the UPPC brand visibility and awareness. It was a platform for the corporation to network with other entities that participated for future possible business opportunities.

The corporation branded the event and exhibited publications printed and published including books, magazines, government reports, legislations to mention but a few.

UPPC continues to be committed to such community engagements and urges the general public to engage us in such activities that improve our stakeholder relations, enhance our visibility and awareness as we make a contribution to the well-being of all groups in the region.

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