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How to create a Deed Poll?

Legal Procedure of Change of name (Deed Poll) and Gazetting

The legal procedure of changing a name is provided for under, The Oaths Act (Cap 19), the Births and Deaths Registration Act (Cap 309) and the Registration of Documents Act (Cap 81).

  1. Find a lawyer to draft for you a Deed Poll stating the changes you are making, then sign the deed poll and swear by it (Affidavit).
  2. Thereafter, the Deed Poll is registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) in the documents register for record purposes.
  3. After registration at URSB, Gazette the change of name in the Uganda Gazette which is printed and Published at Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC).
  4. You Gazette by delivering the registered document and proof of payment of the Gazette fee at any of the UPPC offices.
  5. UPPC has offices in:
    • Entebbe, Plot 8-12, Airport Road
    • UPPC Kampala Office, Plot 6 Kimathi Avenue, Airways House, Ground Floor, Kampala
    • Northern Uganda: Prof. Nyeko Jack Pen Mogi (+256-774138552), Plot 16, Bank Lane, Market Square, Gulu City, Uganda (Efficiency Company and General Supplies Ltd)
    • Eastern Uganda: Mr. Jengo Edward (+256-752374253 / +256-772374253), Plot 8, Nile Garden, P.O. Box 1741 Jinja, Uganda (Agent for Newspapers, Magazines and Advertising)
    • Western Uganda: Mr. Kwebiiha Araali (+256-702548687 / +256-782548687), Plot 36, High Street, P. O. Box 276 Mbarara, Uganda

Publishing an Ordinary Deed Poll in the Uganda Gazette costs UGX. 345,000/= For more details, please check our Rate Card.