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Police Trains UPPC Staff in Fire Fighting

Entebbe Central Police Fire Rescue Unit trained Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation staff in fire safety skills.

The training was conducted by the second in-charge of the fire unit, George Mataya at the UPPC head office Entebbe.

Mataya emphasized the need for everyone in a workplace to have skills on preventing fires by following correct procedures. “This fire safety training is aimed at ensuring that everyone knows what to do in case of a fire outbreak,” Mataya said.

While noting that the best scenario is to prevent or avoid fire outbreak altogether, Mataya emphasized that it is crucial to know how to stay safe and escape in the event of a fire.

“The first thing is for all staff to be aware of fire prevention by having the best practices of keeping work premises and everyone inside it safe,’ Mataya said.  

He added that everyone should be able to identify fire hazards, be aware of what to do in the event of a fire and also engage in practices that prevent fire outbreaks such as keeping the non-operational electric machines off.

He urged UPPC management to have fire emergency plans, and equipment which should be monitored and tested often to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.  

‘’Employees should know how to activate the fire alarms and any sprinkler systems in their area and should actively respond to them,’’ Mataya explained.

UPPC Managing Director, Kenneth Oluka, promised to send some staff for advanced fire safety training by Police fire experts.

“We shall send some of our staff for further training in firefighting so that we have our own fire marshals who can be able to respond to fire outbreaks promptly, even before we call the Police in case of big fires,” Oluka said.

Oluka appreciated the good partnership between Police and UPPC. “We would like to thank Entebbe Police for these fire safety trainings which are crucial in equipping our staff of UPPC with the best skills to prevent and put off a fire. We have also learnt how to rescue others caught up in a fire,” Oluka noted.

Oluka said UPPC staff will have refresher trainings to update their skills and to ensure that whatever skills have been imparted are not lost. “As advised by the expert we shall have refresher training as will be deemed necessary in order to keep everyone up to date and safe, and for new staff,” he said.

UPPC is a public corporation mandated to print and publish all laws of Uganda. As the corporation prepares to celebrate its 120 years journey of offering exceptional printing and publishing services to all Ugandans, we take pride in ensuring the safety of our employees and general business operations. We commit to continue working with relevant stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner to sustain our incomparable service delivery.